Mar 23,2024

A split album "ulula/corvus" with "Kuhakuno-yo" will be released! A release tour and pre-release distribution are also scheduled to accompany the album!

A release tour will accompany the release of a split album with Mie's ally "Kuhakuno-yo"! A selection of songs from the album will also be available for download! Please check the details of the tour at SHOWS.

4/26(Fri) Reverberation
5/8(wed) Imaginary crow
5/15(wed) Scenery flows at each stride

April 15,2023

We are going to perform at "RINGOOO A GO-GO 2023".

We have been selected to perform at the RINGOOO Music Festival Audition Live "RINGOOO A GO-GO 2023". Please see the schedule for details.

April 15,2021

We are going to perform at "SAKAE SP-RING 2021".

We will be appearing at "SAKAE SP-RING 2021", a large circuit event held in Sakae, Nagoya. Hosted by radio station ZIP-FM, there will be over 100 participating artists. Please check out the SHOWS for details.

September 09,2020

1st mini album "Symbolic abstract" released.

It's now available at Tower Records' Nagoya Parco store, Umeda nu-chayamachi store and Shinjuku store only. It's only 1,200 yen (excluding tax) for 5 songs in total, so please check it out.

June 03,2020

Our new songs dropped on subscriptions.

Our new songs dropped on subscriptions such as spotify, Apple music, YouTube Music.following schedule, please check it out.

6/3(wed) FACT
6/17(wed) Grab the gravity
7/1(wed) C.B.
7/15(wed) MONTANA
7/29(wed) Brave and logic

December 01,2018

1st single「FACT/Grab the Gravity」sold out.

Our CD at TowerRecord Nagoya-PARCO shop which was a limited release, sold out due to popularity. Thank you so much. From now, you can still get CD at RECORD SHOP ZOO. and online, HOLLYWOOD RECORDS. and even at the venue. Please get one as soon as possible, because there is only a few left.

September 14,2018

Music video "Grab the gravity" dropped.

Our new MV/Music Video Grab the gravity dropped. Please enjoy our performance on video.

September 8,2018

Our web site got the prize and nominated several web design awards.

Our web site got the prize "Special Kudos" at CSS Design Awards , "DOTD" at Design Awards Asia. and nominated for several web design awards. CSSWINNER, CSSLight, CSSREEL.

July 17,2018

Music video "FACT" dropped.

We dropped MV/Music Video which is a little different from a traditional MV. Please watch the video, it is not composed in the performance scene.

July 01,2018

"noh" STARTS

The Japanese rock band "noh" STARTS!! We were formed by four people, Kazuya SUZUKI, Hidetoshi OGURA, Shuhei SUZUKI, and Yuki HAGIWARA. Our appeal is "supreme sound" and "crazy live shows". We are based in Nagoya, Japan . and regularly have live performances, so please pay attention to us from now on!

"FACT / Grab the Gravity" will be released at August 01.

It has been decided that our 1st single "FACT / Grab the Gravity" will be released at Tower Record-Parco store in Aichi. Online sales on They will also be sold at all concerts. Please check it out.

Our interview will be published in the "2YOU MAGAZINE"。

It will be published in the July issue of "2YOU MAGAZINE" which is a free music magazine in Japan. We also have an interview as a recommend rock band. Please take a look if you have a chance!