About japanese rock band "noh".

From the left, Kazuya SUZUKI, Hidetoshi OGURA, Shuhei SUZUKI, and Yuki HAGIWARA. Our predecessor is from two bands/ JointRally and Metallic Brothers. We renamed JointRally to "noh" when members who had Rock, Punk, and Ska as roots met each other. Our appeal is that songs are like a story that develops in your brains, and fierce live performances. "noh" is English notation of the word "能" which means Japanese classical culture and ability. We adopted the word "noh" as the name of our band because it is suitable for our songs which are supreme and unique. Also, "noh" has the meaning of being able to transmit to the world!

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About "Team noh".

Many designers, web directors, copywriters&SEOwriter, photographers, markup engineers, data analysts, video/image directors, and illustrators... are involved, known as "Team noh", making the best of the web. "From Japan to the WORLD". It's for showing you our entertainment that combines music and art. We don't know what kind of things can be created by us because we just started, but even so, we are always looking for fellow listeners who are able to have fun and make the entertainment and music with us! Nationality, Age, Gender, and Occupation are not required. We hope the unity of "Team noh" will spread little by little....

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Photographer / APPOLO STUDIO Hiromichi Tabata